About West Michigan Survivors of Suicide

After the tragic loss of her son Brian, Ethel Bucek started the West Michigan Survivors of Suicide (WMSOS) and brought comfort to many. She dedicated her life to serving others, both through nursing and her day to day life. She was one of the rocks on which WMSOS was founded, a person filled with wisdom and kindness, who had given her support to so many for more than 22 years. She was one of the kindest, most compassionate souls we have ever encountered, and also one of the strongest. Sadly Ethel passed away on March 3, 2009. Although her shoes will be very difficult to fill, we will try our best to continue her legacy of kindness and compassion.


We encourage survivors to gather, to remember and to speak aloud the precious names of those lost to suicide. You are in a safe place with those who understand. If you are very new to the tragedy of suicide loss, despair may be your companion. We hope you find some time to rest your burden and share it with those of us who need no explanation.